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Noémi is working with Ilona as a volunteer for HANNAH. She is studying to be a teacher, the same study that Ilona did. As part of that study there is a requirement to complete a number of hours volunteering in work that involves children. Noémi enjoys children and is committed to continue after the required time is over.

Noémi tells her story:

My parents got married in January 1996. My father says that it was love at first sight. They first saw each other when walking in the forest. My mother was out with her brother, walking their dog and my father was simply taking a walk with some of his friends. My mother always tells me how my father was trying to catch her attention. They fell in love and got married.

I was born in October 1998, my father liked the name Flora but my mother would not agree she liked Noémi better, which is a name originated from the Hebrew name Naomi and means ‘my delight’. Soon after my baptism my grandfather died. My dad was devastated, but still found the strength to be there for my mother when she needed help with me.

In August 2002 my brother was born and I remember how happy I was. I used to tell everyone on the streets that I have a brother! As we started to grow up, I felt I had to protect him from everything that I could. We had a pretty simple, but happy childhood. Every weekend we would do something together, like go berry picking in the nearest forest or go swimming in the Mureș River.

I finished high school in 2017 at Unirea National College and I applied to the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in TG Mures. I studied there for almost 2 years, until I realised that pharmacy is not my path, working with children was more likely so in July 2019, I applied to the Universitatea Babes-Bolyai. So, now I am studying Pedagogy of Elementary School and Kindergarten there. In my free time I like to play with my parrot, Matyi. I also like to read, I have a vast variety of books at home in various languages like Hungarian, Romanian and English. Since last year in October I give private lessons, mostly Romanian language lessons and Mathematics, but if they need my help with other subjects at school I try to help them too.

My brother is at high school, he is studying tourism. He had his first job this year, he worked in his summer vacation at a factory specialised in office supplies. My parents work at the same factory, factory specialised on dairy products.

My grandfather taught my father the importance of God in people’s lives and took him to the church every Sunday, in this way my father passed this faith to me and my brother. When we were little kids we would participate at Christmas plays at the local church. My mother also passed on to me her love for books, we could stay for hours in one place if we have a good book in our hands.

I am a family-oriented person, I think mostly it is because we live in a smaller apartment and we are together almost all the time.