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Fanni is a teacher trainee who has recently joined the HANNAH Team on the Life Skills, Education, and Creative Arts Programme at the TB Prevention Centre. Wonderful to have you on board, Thank you Fanni for sharing your love, passion and talents with us.
” Hello my name is Fanni and I’m a volunteer at HANNAH since April. I go twice a week and teach the children. Obviously at the start it was hard but I got used to it and the children and now I can’t imagine a Tuesday and a Wednesday without them. The children are wonderful and they deserve a lot of love. I remember at the start Cu. didn’t want to take part in class, didn’t talk to me but with time I convinced him and now he’s a lot more active in class and Al. who is very smart but doesn’t really listen. For example, one Wednesday he didn’t listen and caused trouble in the class but what surprised me was at the end of the day he came to me and apologised. This surprised me because during these weeks I haven’t had a child apologising without me asking them too. And I hope I get more surprised as the weeks go on but the most important thing is that they receive love.”